A Guide on How to View PowerPoint Content Online

Do not worry if you do not have a Microsoft PowerPoint, or it is outdated to open projects developed with newer versions. You do not have to scratch your head and wonder what you will do. The solution is simple. You do not have to download anything. You only need an internet connection and this piece because it will guide you on the tools to use to achieve your objectives. Consider these tools, and your problem will be solved.

iSpring Converter Pro

If you have been looking an accessible and simple tool to use online, then select this one. It permits an individual to convert PowerPoint slides to mobile and web formats. It is ideal because it preserves the PowerPoint effects in their unique state. It backs multifaceted animation, and transition effects, among others to ensure that the next person gets an original version of what you presented. Slides created by iSpring Converter maintain the authentic appearance and impression.

You can convert your PowerPoint deck into various formats, including HTML5, which is the best-in-class Hyper Point technology that allows anyone to open and view displays right from the browser. You can also share the converted file via email or upload it the internet.

You can also convert it into MP4 and upload it to YouTube. iSpring tool comes as a PowerPoint add-in that appears on the PowerPoint ribbon after installing. You can also add more materials and videos apart from converting the PPT.


It is an online storage service that supports you to open a PowerPoint presentation. It is a scheme that motivates experts and specialists from different fields to sore ad share data to build a status and promote career prospects. You get a lot of data here when you have a LinkedIn account for it is the only way through which you can join.

It displays uploaded PowerPoint pieces as immobile slides for it does not support multimedia. It can help you to open or make exhibitions with restricted authoring selections. The displays presented here can be viewed, but it is impossible to amend them online

Google Slides

It comes with an acquainted, comprehensible interface for easy operation. The slides uploaded here can be unlocked, viewed, and amended online. It also permits you to make new slides using the available templates, animation, and primary themes. Nonetheless, if the piece you want to open includes animation effects, videos, or audios, you will not see them, for it only displays static slides.

The tool lets you open PowerPoint projects online and share them. There is no track of the recipient’s interaction with your slides when you share.

If you have been in a dilemma on how to open PowerPoint slides online, the provided tools will assist you to view them without any added software.

Select the most appropriate means to allow you open a PowerPoint presentation online with ease. Do not be afraid to seek help. Find experts to assist you in using any of the tools to open your PowerPoint presentations.

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