Perhaps the simplest of all papers, in our opinion, is an abstract. Of course, there are always exceptions. These are abstracts with statistical data from recent years, which are not at all easy to find or a market survey, etc. For many students, the difficulty is in writing an introduction to the abstract. In any information center you can order an essay on a topic that you need. In addition, you can view free abstracts on the site.

In general, an essay is an independent work of a student who needs to find a specific topic in two or four sources and reveal this topic on them. The volume of the abstract is mainly 10 – 15 pages (there are also 30 pages). The abstract consists of:

– introduction (entry);

– the main part (2-3 points);

– conclusions;

– list of references.

A prerequisite of the abstract is the presence of references to the literature indicating the pages of the book from which the proposal is taken. In the introduction, the relevance of the topic, subject, object of research should be disclosed. The abstract is drawn up simply – the first is the title page. If you decide to order an abstract in one or another information center, use the order form, call or write to the administrator.

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